You Need To See GOT7 Mark Tuan’s New Twitch Emotes Because They Are Too Cute

They’re inspired by him and his dog Milo!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan is back to Twitch streaming!

If you’re unfamiliar with his Twitch account, it’s @tuanzy.

Everyone who uses Twitch knows, the best streamers have their own emotes. These are unlocked after one is subscribed to a specific channel. Afterward, you can use them to react while watching.

So, now, Mark officially has his very own Twitch emotes, and they are the cutest things ever. Just look at them!

The emotes are either of Mark himself or Milo, his dog! Milo often makes appearances during Mark’s Twitch streams.

The brilliant artist behind these cute emotes is CKibe, an Italian Twitch Ambassador, full-time illustrator, and gamer. She perfectly captured both Milo and Mark.

So, next time Mark goes live on Twitch, you can now respond and react with his exclusive emotes.

Mark Tuan on Twitch. | @tuanzy/Twitch via @Got7Facts/Twitter

That’s not all either. If you’re part of his Discord server (same handle as Twitch), you will be able to use the emotes there too! Sometimes, Mark even drops in to chat with Ahgases.

Mark Tuan on Discord. | @tuanzy/Discord via @withyoumarktuan/Twitter
Source: @C_Kibe