GOT7’s Mark Tuan Shares That He Worries About His Parents Since The Rise Of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes In America

“It’s really scary, especially if my mom does go out by herself…”

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan has spoken out in support of the #StopAsianHate movement since the rise of hate crimes against Asians started in America.

In an interview with The Associated Press, he said that he has been telling his parents to be careful anytime they go out now. Since the pandemic began, there have been numerous reports of violence against Asians in the United States, especially elders and women.

Mark explained that both of his parents enjoy walking the dog. He encourages them to at least walk together if they must go out.

I do tell my parents to be careful because they like to go out and walk the dog. My mom by herself especially, so I do tell her, ‘Be careful right now. I don’t think you should be walking the dog by yourself. Maybe if you’re gonna go out, go out with dad.’

— Mark Tuan

Mark with his parents | @linbea945/Twitter

Even when they go out together, he still fears for them. At the same time, he knows that being together is still better than nothing.

It’s really scary, especially if my mom does go out by herself or my parents go out by themselves. You do have more risk of getting in danger, like when you’re not around anyone else, so I do tell them to, you know, maybe not go out for walks right now or, if you guys are going to go out, go out together.

— Mark Tuan

Mark with family | @linbea945/Twitter

Mark, who is Taiwanese American, has recently moved back home to California since he ended his contract with JYP Entertainment. He confessed that he himself perhaps isn’t as careful as he should be, but concerns of a possible attack are always in the back of his mind.

You can watch a portion of the interview below:

Source: @linbea945 and @APEntertainment