GOT7 Is More Popular Outside Of Korea, Than In Korea

GOT7 members claim that they’re more popular outside of Korea and explains why they think so.

In a recent interview, GOT7 claimed their popularity is higher overseas than domestically, which comes as a surprise because GOT7 is one of the most popular boy groups in Korea!


GOT7 debuted in 2014, and they’ve released multiple bestselling albums and won numerous awards since then. They are currently in the middle of promoting their new EP, “Eyes on You.”


Yet in spite of their massive success in South Korea, the GOT7 members believe they more popular internationally.


They say they’re more popular abroad because they have so many different nationalities in the group. With members fluent in different languages, it’s easier for them to communicate with international fans!

Objectively speaking, we are more popular in other countries than we are in Korea. Whenever we go to the home country of one of our members, we get even more popular. Our group has many members from different parts of the world, which enables good communication with fans from those places. Lucky for us, those fans seem to like us as a group rather than just those individual members!— GOT7

GOT7 international members are Jackson (Hong Kong), Mark (Taiwanese-American), and BamBam (Thailand).


With incredible success from fans around the world and back home, GOT7 is proving that they’re one of the hottest K-Pop groups of the century!

Source: TV Report