GOT7 Open New YouTube Channel And Drops Music Video Teaser

Fans cannot believe their luck!

GOT7‘s fans, Ahgase, have been spoilt after the band opened a new YouTube channel and dropped a teaser for a new music video! After deciding not to renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment last month, the members have been teasing upcoming solo projects. But it appears the 7 brothers had something else up their sleeve!

Earlier today, the members posted teasers on their Instagram stories and each shared the letters spelling “ENCORE.”

Fans started speculating on what this could mean. The band has emphasized that, despite signing with different agencies, they would continue to do group activities.

They stuck to their promises when the group officially opened a new YouTube channel. A music video teaser was also released for the song “ENCORE” which will be released on the 20th February at 6 pm KST.

Fans took to social media and voiced their excitement at the possibility of new content from the group!

iGOT7s can be rest assured that despite the boys spreading into their own individual paths, they’ll always return as the OT7 that they call home!