GOT7 ranks #1 with Japanese debut “Around the World”

JYP Entertainment‘s rookie group, GOT7, has topped the Japanese charts with their official Japanese debut track “Around the World”.

GOT7 debuted earlier this year, taking Korea by storm with hit track “Girls Girls Girls” and returned with summer track “A” in June. After ending their Korean activities for “A”, the boys busily prepared for their Japanese debut and it seems that all their hard work has paid off!

JYP Entertainment released the full PV for “Around the World” three weeks ago which has amped up fans as they anticipated the release of the single. On October 22nd, the single was released and it reached #1 in music charts soon after.

Japan has also shown its love for JYP Entertainment’s maknae group with signs and posters of GOT7’s debut all over Tokyo! GOT7 is following in their agency sunbaes’, 2PM’s, footsteps as 2PM’s recent comeback “GO CRAZY” also topped Japanese charts. GOT7 has been on tour in Japan to promote their track prior to their official debut with “Around the World” and will be finishing up the tour in Makuhari Messe Event Hall on November 5th and 6th.

Meanwhile, GOT7’s Hong Kong member, Jackson, has been filming for variety reality show Roommate with fellow maknae-line and idol, KARA‘s Youngji.

Congratulations to GOT7 and check out their posters in Japan!

Source: MBN
GOT7’s the new hottest group in Japan! Source: MBN

Source: MBN