GOT7 Share Their Secrets That Not Even The Members Know About

GOT7 shared some unusual, personal details on “Good Day New York”.

During a guest appearance on Good Day New YorkGOT7 revealed some of their best-kept secrets to the audience.


After inquiring about GOT7‘s tour and their creative process, the hosts asked the members to tell viewers things about themselves that their fans might not know yet.


Mark‘s answer was both honest and diplomatic.

“This is really hard because we’re really honest [with] our fans. So, they know everything. Like, we open up to them a lot”. — Mark


When asked if there was anything (or, more specifically, anyone) new in his life, Mark kept his reply short and sweet.

“No. Just my fans.” — Mark


Mark did, however, reveal an interesting medical tidbit. He received stitches on his chin and forehead from a childhood bicycle accident.

“That was back when I was like four.”  — Mark


Even Jackson was surprised to learn this fact.

“You had that? We didn’t even know that.”  — Jackson


Jinyoung revealed that he isn’t the type to say “I love you” easily.

When asked why, he said that it was “a little awkward and nervous”. To Jinyoung, feeling the love is more important than speaking it.


Jackson then coaxed Jinyoung into saying “I love you” to the camera. According to Jackson, it would be Jinyoung’s first time saying it on American television.

“I love you guys.”  — Jinyoung


Jackson revealed that he likes to take bubble baths and do yoga.

“If our hotel has a tub then I will always take a hot bubble bath.”  — Jackson


Yugyeom also decided to share one of his everyday preferences. He said that he likes to drink hot cocoa, but with ice.

“Like that stuff you can get in Starbucks,” Jackson added.


Like Mark, JB shared a medical secret. He asked his members to translate for him, then pointed to his teeth.

“He’s going to get an implant for his teeth, so he currently doesn’t have a tooth right now.”  — Mark


After looking in JB’s mouth, BamBam exclaimed, “We didn’t know that!”


BamBam said that his secret is one some fans might already know, but it still isn’t common knowledge.

“My name, BamBam, it’s my real name. People thought it was my nickname, but it’s my real name.” — BamBam


BamBam was named after The Flintstones character Bamm-Bamm Rubble, a little boy with enormous strength.

“My mom was like, ‘oh, I want my son to be strong too’, so she named me BamBam.”   — BamBam


Youngjae was the last in line to reveal his secret. He bashfully told the hosts about his somewhat impractical music purchase.

“He said that he bought a Bruno Mars record but doesn’t have a turntable to play it.” — Mark


In addition to revealing these new personal details, GOT7 had fun teaching the hosts some dance moves!


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