Here’s The “Cringey” GOT7 Song The Group Always Makes Fun Of

It’s been years, and they still laugh about it 😂

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan chatted with Seventeen magazine and revealed which of the group’s songs was so cringey they can’t stop clowning it—even years later.

Mark Tuan | @marktuan/Instagram

When the magazine asked Mark Tuan for his “least favorite” GOT7 song, he didn’t avoid the question and already had one in mind.

Quickly looking through their Just Right mini-album from their rookie days, Mark Tuan chose the song “Nice” that all members found “so cringey.

He admitted that they “always make fun of that song” because there’s one part they can’t get over. Ironically, some fans don’t seem to agree.

Despite being a b-side, Mark Tuan noted it became a hit with some fans. He said, “I don’t think we ever performed it too. I think there’s fans that like that song.

Even then, he wasn’t sure if they genuinely liked it. Mark Tuan added, “But, I don’t know if they’re just making fun of us because we don’t like it. Or, what?

Because GOT7 has such a long career, they have so many moments they can joke about, especially from their early days.

GOT7 | @GOT7/Twitter

See Mark Tuan look back on the rookie song they always make fun of.


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