GOT7 Revealed The Meaning Behind Their “SPINNING TOP” Mini-Album

They revealed the true meaning behind their EP:

With their latest EP, SPINNING TOP: Between Security & Insecurity, already touching everyone’s heart GOT7 recently revealed the story behind the EP.


During a recent comeback interview, GOT7 talked about the true meaning and feeling behind their EP and their title track “Eclipse”. They revealed where exactly the idea behind the spinning top theme came from and how that tied into the idea of security and insecurity.

As we sat down for a meeting and thought about what we would like to talk about in this album we ultimately decided on the topic of insecurity. Thinking of what we are insecure about, I thought of my own life. There are moments of insecurity in life, but things balance out and it feels secure again. I thought that feeling was like a spinning top.

— JB


They also explained how this album contains a lot of their own feelings, from thankfulness to their own insecurities.

Up until now, we’ve done love songs and written a lot of songs for fans. But this time, we wanted to show what we’re really grateful for. The songs on this album contain our thankful yet insecure feelings. There are 6 songs on this album and it starts off shaky, being truly unstable in ‘Eclipse,’ before it gradually becomes solid.

— JB


But the EP wasn’t simply meant to show their own feelings, they also talked about how they hoped this mini-album would identify with everyone who listens to it.

The overall concept is one of lightness and darkness. The spinning top represents that. When it is turning well, it’s steady and light but when it leans even a little bit, it’s like the darkness is coming in. We made it so that anyone can identify with it. We hope that it becomes an album that is able to console and one that makes us all closer.

— GOT7


With such a unique and amazing meaning behind their EP, there’s no doubt that the love will continue to pour in for GOT7! Take a listen to their title track “Eclipse” below:

Source: Osen