GOT7 Fans Found An Unexpected Way To Use Twitter “Spaces”: Fan Radio Station

Ahgases are the first K-Pop fandom to use Twitter Spaces for mass listening parties.

K-Pop stans are taking over Twitter once again with the latest feature, Spaces. Spaces allows you to start a voice chat with anyone. Although you can only speak with 10 people at a time, there is no limit to the number of listeners you can have. GOT7 fans saw the potential in this feature and have been using it to have mass listening parties together.

| @ahgaradio/Twitter

Originally, what was started as AHGASE RADIO on Clubhouse has grown beyond that platform. GOT7 Radio DJ Lia (@jjpsvn) was a part of this Clubhouse room on February 21.

With the original main creator @xdefseoul’s blessing, Lia has started GOT7 Radio (also known as Ahga Radio) for Twitter Spaces. On their Twitter account, it says that they are asmall team of passionate, musicloving ahgases who will be streaming GOT7 music.” 

Since its launching, over 800 listeners have tuned in to GOT7 Radio. Lia hosts the Space, acting as a DJ, streaming GOT7 discography. Today, she streamed from 7:50–9:00 a.m. EST. You can even request songs by tagging them or using the hashtag #got7radio.

Ahgases are praising GOT7 Radio for making the most of Twitter’s newly updated feature. They are suggesting that GOT7 Radio stream at least once or twice weekly. When we’re unable to connect with one another as we could before at concerts, this helps fill some of that void during an uncertain time.

Ahgases are the first fandom to hold a listening party of this scale on Spaces. Considering mainstream radio stations rarely, if ever, play K-Pop, the idea to use a free online platform to start a K-Pop radio station is ingenious.

Currently, Spaces is still in the early stages and is only available to a small group of users. However, anyone on iOS should be able to join, at least as a listener.

Source: IDOL RADIO and DIVE Studios Podcasts