GOT7 Opens Up On How Their Solo Activities Ultimately Brought Them Closer Together

At the end of the darkness, I’ll hug you even more. – “Don’t Leave Me Alone”

In a recent interview with W Korea, titled “GOT7‘s Second Chapter,” commemorating their new beginning as a group, the members talked about their solo activities and how they changed or grew through their separation and reunion. All of GOT7 stands proud and confident in their identity and future as a group. While they all are passionate about their solo activities, it is through their time apart that the members deepened their already incredible devotion and love for each other.

All the members explored their own color during their solo activities, whether through music, business, or acting. Through time on their own and doing what was unique to them, GOT7 grew as individual artists, gaining confidence in their abilities and pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

After returning to Los Angeles, Mark spent long-awaited time with his family and friends. As he began to write his own songs and created his own company with those who loved and supported him, he realized that he had many stories he wanted to tell in his music. While leading to a great start to his solo career, it also allows Mark to bring a more mature color to GOT7.

At that time, I thought that I wasn’t skilled enough for solo activities unlike other members. As I made my own songs and lyrics, it felt more comfortable, better, and more fun. I gradually got more confident as I made songs and wrote lyrics.

— Mark | W Korea

Similarly, Youngjae shared how their solo activities were beneficial to the members individually and as a group overall. As GOT7 each have diverse personalities and passions for art, having time to explore who they were as a person helped them relax and grow into their skin. After discovering more of who they were as individuals, they could truly appreciate being together and the artistry they shared.

We needed a time to feel relaxed and try something alone. Since we enjoyed our own time, we now have more ideas for our group activities… As we tried things we wanted to do, we felt the value of being together. Our solo activities helped us a lot eventually.

— Youngjae | W Korea

Yugyeom commented that creating music led to healthy competitiveness and greed in growing their talents as artists when the group was together. Now that the members have all tried new things and have had time to establish themselves, the greed has disappeared as they no longer have to decide whose color to show in a song or an album. They are no longer limited to painting with only a few colors but can mix their colors to paint GOT7’s canvas in many different ways.

Now, all GOT7 members are carrying on their own careers and they all tried things they wanted to try. So, all the greediness disappeared. Instead, we listen to other’s opinions more smoothly compared to the past. Whenever we get back together after feeling lonely during solo activities, we feel more comfortable and realize that we are the best when we are together.

— Yugyeom | W Korea

Like the rest of the members, Jackson has been incredibly busy with his schedule. Just for GOT7’s activities as a group, he had to free up three months, pushing back many deadlines and solo activities. Clearing solo schedules and working around what their different agencies planned for was undoubtedly challenging for the GOT7 members, but it was worth the hassle because they valued GOT7 so much. GOT7 is Jackson’s happy place, where the insecurities and fears that might overtake his mind when he’s alone disappear as soon as they are together.

As I thought about whether I was happy and thought about what makes me happy, I realized that I wanted to continue the activities as GOT7. I wanted to become a free artist without complicated thoughts.

— Jackson | W Korea

Jinyoung summed up GOT7’s mentality as a group beautifully: without caring about what others think, without being shaken by those who wish to bring them down, with only the thoughts of each other and their desires, GOT7 will continue forward on the path they choose. Whether apart or together, the members always listen to and support each other. GOT7 can be assured and at peace no matter the storm.

“Every team has a different driving force that keeps it going for a long time. I think for GOT7, it’s [our mentality of] ‘the next thing that (we) want to do.’

— Jinyoung | W Korea

And while their solo careers have brought joy to the members and helped them in their musical journey, Jay B reminds fans that no matter how far they go from here, it is their past together that has given them a solid foundation to flourish, and GOT7 will never forget that. As they have been emphasizing throughout their latest activities and album, GOT7 is their home, and together, any path they walk upon will bloom.

I also want to tell our fans that we don’t forget about the course we’ve been walking on. We cherish all the records and times we have been making since our debut. As I grew older, I came to cherish these records and times even more.

— Jay B | W Korea

BamBam, who is always loud about his love for GOT7, puts away any remaining doubt others might have about GOT7 staying together. No matter the distance, no matter where life may take them, no matter what tries to block their way, GOT7 is 7, forever and always.

When introducing ourselves, we always put GOT7 with our name. So, I’d say “I’m Bambam of GOT7.” GOT7 has 3 foreign members and it doesn’t matter at all for carrying on GOT7. Even though we might go back to hometown, we can always gather together in Korea.

— BamBam | W Korea

Source: W Korea