GOT7’s Youngjae And BamBam Spill On Who’s The Funniest Member Of GOT7, And It’s Not Who You’d Think

Honestly, they’re all equally hilarious.

When asked who the funniest member in GOT7 is, most Ahgases would have a hard time choosing. They all radiate chaotic energy, especially when they’re together, so it’s hard to choose. Perhaps the members who stand out the most on broadcast are BamBam and Jackson, as they’re known throughout the K-Pop community for their legendary memes.


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However, Youngjae and BamBam think another member is the funniest: Jinyoung. Though it might not be obvious, once they point it out, it makes complete sense. Of course, they can’t just praise him, and they immediately put in the disclaimer that Jinyoung is the funniest in everyday interactions. On broadcast, he’s no fun.

Without the fear of Jinyoung watching over their shoulder, the two continued to joke about Jinyoung, bringing up the classic death glare he gives the other members when they start acting a little too crazy.

Honestly, the rest of GOT7 are practically uncontrollable, and Jinyoung’s the only member who can hold them back. Sometimes. Still, his judging face is a meme in itself.

That’s not to say he isn’t his own kind of chaotic (after all, he is BamBam’s pick for funniest member). He’s had his fair share of crazy moments, especially when caught off guard. Take this iconic “Poison” stage, for instance, when he lost his handkerchief and threw up a peace sign instead for the choreography.

And whenever he isn’t aware of the camera, his 4D personality takes over, leading to some hilarious moments for fans and embarrassing moments for him.

If there’s one chaotic part of him that Jinyoung never hides, it’s the side that comes out whenever he’s promoting his Ahgase Shoebill agenda. We love the Lion King poses.

While we might not see how Jinyoung acts when the cameras are off, breaking down his relationships with each member helps us catch a glimpse of his humor code that has the rest of GOT7 wrapped around his fingers.