GOT7’s Youngjae Covers Song Written By Sewol Ferry Victim

Youngjae posted his cover of the song in remembrance of the Sewol Ferry disaster.

GOT7’s Youngjae paid his respects to the Sewol Ferry victims by posting an image of the yellow ribbon and a special cover of a song written by one of the victims.

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April 16, 2018 is the 4th anniversary of the tragedy. The yellow ribbon is symbolic for the Sewol Ferry disaster.


The song (later titled “You, Who I Love”) was written by Lee Da Woon, one of the high school students that passed away in the tragedy. The untitled, incomplete 2-minute song was recorded on his mobile phone with Lee Da Woon playing the guitar.

Lee Da Woon, whose dream was becoming a singer-songwriter, was part of a band as the vocals before he passed away.


According to the lyrics, the song is a present to a loved one for their hard work.

“You, who I love, you did well today as always
You are going through a difficult time
and I want to give you a hug
You’re probably having a good dream
just about now
While I’m awake thinking about you
Although want to give you a shoulder massage
But know that my heart is always with you
This song I wrote, I’m singing it for you”


The song was then slightly touched up and sung by 4Men member Shin Yong Jae in remembrance of the tragedy.

Lee Da Woon was a fan of Shin Yong Jae and knowing this, the singer’s agency contacted Lee Da Woon’s family first. The bereaved family later revealed their intention to use the profits of the copyright for the victims of the disaster.


Youngjae then made his cover on Shin Yong Jae’s “You, Who I Love” for the tragedy’s 4th anniversary.


Youngjae had shown his respects to the victims multiple times in the past through SNS postings.


He also sang “You, Who I Love” at the 32nd Golden Disk Awards in remembrance of the tragedy and the victims.


May the victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy rest in peace.

Source: MBN News