“He’s Naked Right Now”: GOT7’s Youngjae Refuses To Join Mark Tuan’s Instagram Live

Youngjae wouldn’t turn down Mark without good reason!

GOT7‘s Youngjae wouldn’t join Mark Tuan on Instagram Live.

Youngjae (top) and Mark (bottom)

On August 30 night, Mark held an Instagram Live. He briefly discussed his new song “Everyone Else Fades,” his upcoming EP, and tour.

It soon became a catchup session for Mark and Ahgases as he gave them a tour of his tattoos…

…and introduced a new family member! Everyone already knows his dog Milo, but his family just got a cat named Boots.

Mark also mentioned how he will join as a special guest for BamBam‘s upcoming concert in Thailand. It was not long until another GOT7 member was mentioned…

Ahgases were excited as they spotted Youngjae’s username in the comment section of the live broadcast, but no one was more excited than Mark! Mark tried to ask Youngjae to join him on Instagram Live to chat. Yet, Youngjae quickly left.

Youngjae returned later. Still, he refused to join Instagram Live. Mark laughed, revealing that it was because Youngjae was naked!

Before Youngjae totally left again, he had commented on a few messages for Mark. Youngjae congratulated him on his new album and revealed he himself would release one within the next couple of months.

| @marktuan/Instagram

There’s never a dull moment with GOT7!

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