GOT7’s Youngjae Fires Back At Netizen Telling Him To Lose Weight

He responded back in the best way!

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently held a live video session to talk with his fans.


Near the end of the video, Youngjae was signing happily for his audience when he suddenly stopped after a comment caught his eye.


A supposed fan commented that Youngjae needs to lose weight.


As soon as he read the hateful message, Youngjae fired back that he was already working on it but his weight really isn’t anyone else’s business besides his!


Although fans were delighted to see Youngjae speak truth to the body shaming, he looked disturbed by the comment nonetheless.


He was able to find his smile moments after when fans backed him up and agreed that the commenter should mind their own business.


The interaction soon spread among fans as iGOT7s rose up in fury against the malicious commenter who had the nerve to body shame their idol.


Here’s to hoping that the commenter learned a valuable lesson to stay in their own lane and mind your own business.