GOT7’s Youngjae Finally Meets His Representative Animal, And It’s Cuteness Overload

It’s otterly adorable.

GOT7 Youngjae‘s representative animal is the otter because of his similar smile. While fans (and Jackson) have been on the Youngjae otter agenda for years, it’s only recently that Youngjae visited a place to play with otters.

| 영재 YOUNGJAE/YouTube

Though it took a little while for the otters to warm up to Youngjae, they never strayed far away, and the pure joy in Youngjae’s laugh after making eye contact with one is the most precious sound in the universe.

Like the sweetheart he is, Youngjae checked to make sure that the otters were also having fun with him before letting himself fully enjoy his time with them.

And when the otters started becoming extra playful, the staff couldn’t help but tease Youngjae and say that it was because the otters were playing with someone of the same species. No matter how much Youngjae denies it, the similarities are blatant.

During feeding time, the otters were all over Youngjae, and he couldn’t hold himself back from recording it. While he’ll forever cherish this memory in his heart, it doesn’t hurt to keep a digital log.

Playing with otters brings out the biggest smile on Youngjae’s face, and Ahgases couldn’t be happier watching him have the time of his life.

Youngjae even brought abalone as a gift to the otters, and though it quickly became a mess, the otters (and Youngjae) thoroughly enjoyed it.

He ended his visit by taking pictures with the otters in his arms, and Ahgases are praying that he’ll upload them on his Instagram soon.

Seriously, this entire encounter was too cute to handle.