GOT7’s Youngjae Dishes On His Upcoming Album And Expresses How Much He Misses His Members

“There are many songs I intend to release for sure within…”

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently participated in a stunning pictorial and an intriguing interview with L’officiel Hommes Thailand.

During his interview, Youngjae’s flourishing acting career was brought up and was asked how he felt about working with Netflix. As many know, Youngjae stars in Netflix’s first Korean sitcom So Not Worth it.

Q: How did it feel to work with Netflix for the first time?

I got a very good opportunity. It means a lot to me. Because this is the first sitcom in Korea that Netflix has created too. I am very happy to be given new challenges and experiences and if an opportunity comes in again, I would definitely like to work with Netflix again.

— Youngjae


Youngjae also dived into his musical career and shared that in the future, he would like to challenge himself with a new musical and become an even better musician.

Q: As a musical performer. How do you see your future in this line of work?

I still feel embarrassed to call myself ‘Musical actor.’ I have no clear plans for my own musical career. It’s a field that I want to challenge myself in and it’s also a great opportunity at the same time. If there is a good opportunity that come again in the future, I would also like to show my fans a new musical. I definitely watched it, but now my bigger goal is to grow up to be a better musician. I want to make music to my fans and the world more.

— Youngjae

(Youngjae in the musical “Midnight Sun”)


As for which career he is focusing more on, acting or singing, Youngjae shared that he’s actually working on an album!

Q: It seems that you have chosen your main occupation as an actor. Will there be good news from the artist’s career side?

I’m working on a new album and preparing good songs. There are many songs I intend to release for sure within this year. I hope the fans and everyone will like these songs.

— Youngjae

Youngjae also was asked about his members and whether he misses them or not. Youngjae replied that he of course misses his members and feels they shine brightest together.

Q: Now working full time as a solo artist. Do you miss the time when GOT7 were still together? And how do you deal with it?

I do miss when we actively promoted as a group a lot. When I miss my teammates, I look up videos from our previous promotions. And I think we’re definitely the coolest when the seven of us are all together. However, everyone still shines as fully as ever. I hope everyone can shine their own light in the future.

— Youngjae

Source: L'officiel Hommes Thailand.