GOT7’s Yugyeom And BamBam Surprise Fans During Their Solo Live Performances, And Ahgases Are Loving It

The GOT7 members really love Ahgases!

This week was a blessed week for GOT7 fans, Ahgases, as Yugyeom and BamBam each released their first solo mini-album. From BamBam’s song “riBBon” to Yugyeom’s track “All Your Fault,” fans have been excited to see what route each member’s music would take.

GOT7’s BamBam (Left) & Yugyeom (Right)

Like every artist releasing music, the two made their solo music show debut on Mnet‘s M Countdown showcasing their new tracks for fans to see! Although fans couldn’t stop praising each artist’s performance, one thing stood out for them the most.

At the end of each performance, fans always anticipate what ending fairy the artists will do, and BamBam and Yugyeom did not disappoint! When it came to Yugyeom, when the track finished, he did the signature GOT7 hand sign that fans know and love!

| Mnet/YouTube 

If that wasn’t exciting enough for Ahgases, when BamBam performed his new song, he did the same GOT7 hand sign during his ending fairy, which made fans on social media very excited.

| Mnet/YouTube 

After the performances aired, Ahgases took to social media sharing their love for the member’s gesture.

If that wasn’t enough, Yugyeom revealed that neither of them had spoken to each other beforehand about doing the hand sign. It shows that, no matter what they’re doing, Ahgases are always their top priority and the member’s love for their fans is endless. It is also a reminder that that, although GOT7 are signed to different companies, they are still a group and will continue creating music together.

Source: FI and FI