GOT7’s Yugyeom Exposes The Member Who “Fought With Everyone”

Disagreeing with all the members must’ve been hard on him 😂

When Yugyeom appeared on Eric Nam‘s Daebak Show, he couldn’t go without mentioning his loving GOT7 members. Despite being the group’s maknae (youngest member), he caused laughter by admitting he felt the oldest when they fought.

Naturally, Eric Nam wondered if there was a member whom Yugyeom got into fights with the most. There was only one correct answer for the singer.

Making himself and Eric Nam laugh, Yugyeom revealed that Jackson Wang was the only one to get into disagreements with all six of them.

When I promoted with GOT7, I would say it’s Jackson. But Jackson had trouble with all the members, so… He’s the only member who has fought with everyone.

— Yugyeom

Keeping the laughter going, Yugyeom had an even funnier response to Eric Nam’s question, “Why did Jackson fight so much?” The maknae joked that Jackson Wang had “slightly high blood pressure” from all the arguments he got into.

Jokes aside, Yugyeom understood why there were heated moments between them. In addition to the members growing up together, the age difference between the younger and older members sometimes made communication a bit uneasy.

But that’s because… I can also understand them. Because we were young, it might not have been easy to apologize first. So I think the younger members always apologized first.

— Yugyeom

Still, Yugyeom reassured everyone that GOT7 had many positive memories that outweighed those tougher moments. Now, they can look back on them and laugh.