GOT7’s Yugyeom Reveals The Members’ Reactions To His Solo Comeback

Yugyeom shocked them!

GOT7‘s Yugyeom guested on MBC Radio‘s Dreaming Radio amidst promotions for his comeback, having just released his first solo EP Point Of View: U.

Host Jun Hyosung asked him how the other GOT7 members reacted to solo comeback, a question many Ahgases were curious about.

First of all, they congratulated me. Also, they all contacted me after watching the teaser because they were surprised since there are many strong shots.

— Yugyeom

| @jaebumbum/Twitter & MBC Radio

Jun Hyosung teased him, suggesting that the members must have reacted, saying, “No, but our maknae?!” Especially in regards to the edgy shots of Yugyeom, covered in blood and smoking a cigarette in “All Your Fault.” It turned out Jun Hyosung was completely right as Yugyeom immediately laughed and replied, “Exactly!”

Those kinds of feelings. They were like, ‘Is this for real?’ They contacted me like that.

— Yugyeom

| @jaebumbum/Twitter & MBC Radio

He said that Jinyoung especially has been supportive. Jinyoung had called him after watching Yugyeom’s music video teaser and thought it was very cool. While he anticipated the music video release and performances, he told Yugyeom to “perform in a cool way.”

| @ddalche/Twitter & MBC Radio

He assured Ahgases that GOT7 is still very much GOT7 and continues to communicate with each other frequently.

We are still talking to each other a lot, so please don’t worry too much since we are GOT7 until the very end. …We think that if while promoting as solo artists, someone does well, then the group will do well, so maybe that’s why our fans … support all of us the same. I am sincerely thankful.

— Yugyeom

Check out a clip from the interview below:

Check out Yugyeom’s latest music video below:

Source: @ddalche, MBC Radio봉춘라디오, Image (1) and (2) and @jaebumbum