GOT7 Yugyeom’s Mindset During Hard Times Reveals His True Personality

He might be the youngest, but he’s full of wisdom.

In a recent interview with W Korea, GOT7‘s Yugyeom reflected on his love for GOT7 and their journey from the past into the present and toward the future. He also shared his mindset when enduring hard times, and his answer highlighted his personality and deep love for the stage.

Yugyeom shared how whenever he looks back at old videos, he realizes how young they were and how much they’ve matured since. Instead of just trying to be cool, GOT7 now is more confident and comfortable in their identity as artists.

| W Korea

This “coolness” is captured in his response to describing GOT7 in a single phrase.

Short, sweet, and full of truth, GOT7 is a home for each member, and the happiness the members have shown during their promotions this era is proof of how comfortable and at peace they are in each other’s presence.

Yugyeom also expressed his belief on why GOT7 has stayed together throughout the years and why they are so sure of their future.

Because they all share the sentiment of being each other’s home, their hearts will always move in the same direction of staying together. United in their love and brotherhood, no matter what comes their way or what individual interests arise, GOT7 will continue to support one another through thick and thin. However high the members will fly individually, they can dare to chase the sun because they know that they always have a home to return to. This truth is something GOT7 has confidence in, to the point that even when they’re grandpas, they’ll have the same unwavering bond.

This optimistic assurance reflects Yugyeom’s personality and how he handles hardship. His mindset of finding the silver lining in the darkest of times allows him to see his struggles as learning moments.

He finds peace by turning to music and improving his singing and dancing skills during difficult times. Instead of being weighed down by his situation, Yugyeom sees it as an opportunity to grow, both as a person and as an artist.

While Yugyeom will forever be GOT7’s maknae, his approach toward life reveals his maturity. Everyone in GOT7 is a pillar of support for the rest, and Yugyeom has the strength and wisdom to let his hyungs lean on him without worry.

Source: W Korea