GOT7’s BamBam worries fans with a new hair color again

GOT7‘s Bam Bam shows off new hair colour ahead of upcoming comeback.

Popular group GOT7 recently had fans excited over the announcement of their comeback. Soon after they announced their comeback, the group released an onslaught of music video teasers as well as choreography teaser, which have fans hyped up for the release. Aside from these official teasers, member Bam Bam is also teasing fans with a photo of his new hair colour.

The idol’s post shows off his new icy gray hair colour, which differs from the teaser photos that showed his light brown hair. Although he pulls off the look quite well, fans are worried over his hair’s condition considering how often Bam Bam dyes his hair. Regardless, it seems like he dyed his hair for the comeback and seems to be excited to show off his new look to fans.

Meanwhile, GOT7 will release their upcoming mini-album TURBULENCE and title track “Hard Carry”on September 27th. Finally, check out Bam Bam’s new hair colour below!

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