(★TRENDING) GOT7’s Jackson To Make A Special Appearance On 2017 AMA

GOT7’s Jackson will be making a special appearance at the 2017 American Music Awards!

He will be attending as a representative of one of China’s largest company, Alibaba Group.

Jackson most recently gained global recognition as the “hot guy next to Liam” during MTV’s EMA.

One Direction’s Liam Payne Compliments GOT7 Jackson During MTV’s EMA

The “hot guy next to Liam” will be joining the famous “third one from the left”, BTS’s Jin!

Jin Goes Viral As The Hot “Third One From The Left” During The Billboard Awards

Fans are ecstatic to hear that Jackson will be attending the prestigious award ceremony right along BTS!

Jackson and BTS are truly making waves on a global scale with their undeniable talent and stunning good looks!

American fans will be able to meet Jackson and BTS at the 2017 AMA on November 19th.

Source: Weibo