GOT7’s Jackson responds to airport incident and shares his heartache

GOT7’s Jackson has updated his Weibo to address the video of him begging fans to listen and give space after arriving at Beijing International airport.

The video shows Jackson at the airport, being instantly surrounded by his adoring fans. However, the tired Jackson becomes frustrated when the fans do not listen to him and begin to converge upon him. Jackson can be seen in the video saying, “Can you listen for once? Do I need to get down on my knees?” in a frustrated voice.

His new update on Weibo reveals the reasons why Jackson was so frustrated and how conerned he was for the safety of his fans. Read the fully translated message below:

“In order to see me, [you guys] come to greet me at the airport, to welcome me, really I feel sorry that I’ve troubled you guys every time.
Sometimes when I see that you guys get hurt due to your passion, to be honest my heart really aches. I really don’t want to see you guys get hurt, because you guys are really close to me. Promise me don’t get hurt.

Also, the most important thing is,
no matter what happens – good things, bad things, happy things, sad things – no matter what other people say, no matter what other people think, no matter what, don’t think too much, don’t doubt, don’t worry. I’m still the Wang Ka Yee that you know. Forever always. I still love you guys very very much. I’m thankful for you guys everyday.
You guys belong to me, I love you all.

#WangKaYee #Youallbelongtome #thankfuleveryday

— GOT7’s Jackson

The video below shows how many fans were at the airport waiting for Jackson.

This is not the first incident that Jackson had had involving fans in China. The fine line between a dedicated and eager fan to sasaeng is often one of the scariest concerns for idols. In this incident, Jackson was injured in a car crash due to a sasaeng fan who was following him.

JYP Entertainment also released a statement about this incident when it occured in October 2016, pleading with fans to be more careful.

“Following an artist’s vehicle doesn’t only put the artist but yourselves in danger and can cause a terrible accident for everyone. Please for yours and other’s safety please do not cause incidents that disrupt the public peace.”

— JYP Entertainment