GOT7’s Jackson reveals female body part he is most attracted to

Known not only for his role in popular group GOT7 but also for his variety skills, Jackson is never one to completely shy away from speaking on shows. Recently, he revealed the body part of a woman that he feels the most attracted to!

On the upcoming episode of JTBC’s Dating Alone, to be broadcasted on February 21st, viewers can expect to see Jackson facing pressure from singer Sung Si Kyung, as the latter asked the GOT7 member to identify the body part of a woman that he simply cannot ignore.

While Jackson initially attempted to resist answering the question, he eventually gave in and revealed, “Frankly, I look at the thighs. My preference is women with big thighs,” and cited Beyoncé as an example.

Be sure to catch this episode of Dating Alone on February 21st at 11pm KST!

Source: TV Report