GOT7’s Jackson to remain in cast for a week following ankle injury

JYP Entertainment issues an update with regards to GOT7’s Jackson’s ankle injury. 

On February 4th, JYP Entertainment issued a statement confirming Jackson’s ankle injury while participating for MBC’s 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships two days ago. It was further revealed that Jackson will need to wear a cast for a week and will be making another announcement with regards to his upcoming schedules.

The agency further apologizes for the unfortunate news but wishes to try their earnest in aiding Jackson in his recovery.

Meanwhile, MBC’s Idol Star Athletic Championships filmed its latest episode for the fifth year running which will feature idols competing against each other through a series of sporting events. The event, however, has been garnering criticisms from its fans for filming schedules that run up to 20 hours, along what a number of injuries.

Aside from Jackson, EXO’s Tao is also recuperating from an ankle injury.

Source: Newsen