GOT7’s Jackson Wang Launches “Team Wang” Luxury Fashion Brand

Team Wang sells hoodies, vests, and more for $54 to $224 USD.

After years of hard work, GOT7’s Jackson Wang has finally launched his highly anticipated premium fashion brand—Team Wang Design—and everyone is talking about it.

Back on June 24, Jackson announced that he and his personal label, Team Wang, had been working on a project that was finally coming to fruition: Team Wang Design, a fashion brand.

| @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

According to Jackson, who is the brand’s creative director, the clothing label had been in development for three long years.

To me [it] isn’t just a brand or a label. It’s more of a vision or a spirit. The reason why I didn’t release before is because I didn’t want to release anything that wasn’t perfect and a total representation of my aesthetic—especially [since I’m] working with the right team that has the same energy as me, the same goals and vision.

— Jackson Wang, Vogue

Now, this month, the streetwear brand is finally available for fans and fashion enthusiasts to get their hands on—and everyone is eager for a piece of the action. Brandon Chang, a member of Team Wang, posted footage on his Instagram story of buyers lining up outside the store for what seemed like miles.

Even celebrities showed up to support the launch, including Chinese actor Bai Jingting. Always caring towards his fans, when Jackson saw how many people were waiting outside, he bought several crates of water and had them distributed to everyone in line.

So far, the Team Wang collection includes beanies, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, pants, and shorts.

| @kokkome/Instagram

One of the most standout items available is the $224 USD Team Wang vest, an asymmetric, militaristic-style piece with a built-in chest bag. According to the website, the vest is designed to combine “warmth, practicality, fashion, and so on”.

All the pieces in the collection feature eyelets that wearers can hang their own accessories on, emphasizing individuality. A fashion editor from Vogue magazine noted how Jackson’s vision for the label aligns with his own style, influenced by his sporting background and preference for simplicity.

| @_b_r_d_n_/Instagram

TEAM WANG provides more imagination than a brand.
It’s a vision.

— Team Wang Design

Alongside receiving a shower of praise from fans and style experts, Jackson and Team Wang also received flowers and congratulations from fellow luxury brands Cartier, Fendi, and Armani.

| Cartier China/Weibo

Most of the pieces cost upwards of $100 USD. While some fans were shocked by the steep price point, others have pointed out that Team Wang is intended to be a high-end fashion brand, not a merchandise line.

Alongside the online store, Team Wang clothing will be available to purchase at Hypebeast’s, the Team Wang pop-up store in Shanghai, and five physical stores across North America: Atelier New York, Exclusive Game, MRKT DEUX, Leisure Center, and KOKKO.

| @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

There is no perfect.
but there is perfection in everyone’s standard.
This is my current perfection.
Every move we make is our satisfaction.
This is our history.

— Jackson Wang, Instagram

Source: Vogue and Team Wang Design


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