GOT7’s JB Wore A Nose Ring At A Concert And Absolutely No One Is Feeling Okay

Someone please send help! We are not okay!

Although he always looks heartstoppingly good, when fans caught sight of JB with a nose ring at GOT7‘s concert, they were well and truly certain that he was out to kill!

GOT7 set off on their Spinning Top world tour and besides delivering amazing performances and gifting fans with sweet memories, GOT7 were out to destroy us all with their god-level visuals.

While each of them had hearts fluttering, when fans realized that JB was sporting a different accessory…

Well, things went from 100 to 1,000 real quick!

In the past, JB knocked fans out with his fake lip ring and now he didn’t knock fans out, he left them in a serious medical crisis!

Everyone has been experiencing symptoms ranging from breathlessness to heart failure thanks to the super sexy look.

Fans definitely felt like they were under attack…

But really, who wasn’t? Now could someone please send for help because we are not okay!