GOT7’s Jinyoung Earns Praise From Fellow Actors In “Christmas Carol” For His Intense Dedication Towards His Characters

He’s even earned a new nickname for his talent.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung is starring in the upcoming movie Christmas Carol, and on November 8, a press conference was held to promote the film.

Jinyoung is playing not one but two roles: Joo Wol Woo, the younger twin brother who was killed in a suspicious incident, and Joo Il Woo, who is bent on avenging his brother, even willingly entering the Juvenile Center to confront the perpetrators.


During the press conference, one of his co-actors, Kim Young Min, shared that if he could try out any of the other characters’ roles, he hoped to try playing Jinyoung’s characters.


The desire doesn’t stem from curiosity but rather from respect and awe for Jinyoung. The twin brothers that Jinyoung plays have drastically different personalities, so fully embodying the characters would be challenging for any actor. However, even on the first table read, Jinyoung astonished his fellow cast members with his incredible performance and ability to convey emotion.

During our first table read, the image I imagined … there’s an expression: ‘walked out of scenario.’ Jinyoung already absorbed the scenario.

— Kim Young Min

It was clear to everyone that Jinyoung had prepared extensively for his roles, and his flawless portrayal of the characters had his fellow actors wondering if they could do the same as he did if they were in his position.

Jinyoung’s level of concentration was impressive and amazing. Seeing him, I thought to myself ‘If I took the role, how and how much would I have prepared for the role?’

— Kim Young Min

The MC then commented that it sounded like Jinyoung “ripped the scenario,” the acting equivalent of “burned the stage.” She even dubbed Jinyoung the “Scenario Ripping Man,” sending the cast into an uproar of laughter.

Though it was a term she coined on the spot, it wouldn’t be surprising if the nickname sticks. No matter what role Jinyoung has been cast in, he’s proven time and time again that his characters shine with life, and their emotions always pierce the audience’s hearts. In every scene, Jinyoung goes above and beyond to draw us into the world of his character, and it’s all thanks to his talent and hard work.

You can watch the first trailer for Christmas Carol here: