GOT7’s Jinyoung And Shin Ye Eun Acted Extremely Cute While Filming Their Kiss Scene

They are so cute together.

Jinyoung and Shin Ye Eun are the two leads of tvN’s drama He is Psychometric. The studio released a “making of” video which features the pair filming their kiss scene.

Jinyoung and Shin Ye Eun had some incredibly cute interactions while trying to film the scene. After the director voices his dissatisfaction at how Jinyoung leaning into Shin Ye Eun looks on camera, Shin Ye Eun comedically imitates the director which causes Jinyoung to laugh.

Since Shin Ye Eun’s hair keeps blowing in the breeze, the director jokingly suggests that she put some spit on it. Jinyoung pretends to spit in his hand which causes Ye Eun to shake her head in protest while smiling.

Once official filming started, everything looked like it was going smoothly but the director said they had to re-shoot the scene because Jinyoung only kissed Ye Eun’s upper lip. This caused Jinyoung to promise to aim better while Ye Eun puckered her lips jokingly.

They did eventually manage to film the scene successfully. Jinyoung rubbed Ye Eun’s arm because she was shivering from the cold and he suggested they run around to keep warm which prompted Ye Eun to start doing jumping jacks. The pair are adorable together.

You can watch the whole video below:


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