GOT7’s Mark Issues A Personal Response To Recent Rumours

Mark apologised to fans.

GOT7’s Mark took to the group’s fan message board to issue an apology to fans for matters concerning the leaking of Yeolmae’s chats which mentioned Mark and his alleged relationship with BJ Ahnyoung.

Woo Changbum believes Yeolmae mentioned Mark’s name by accidents but nonetheless, Mark has issued an apology.

Hello, this is Mark.

First, I sincerely thank the fans who support and love us, GOT7.

I’m sincerely sorry for hurting the fan’s hearts and disappointing you.

I know all too well what the fans are disappointed about, and I’m going to try my best so that nothing like this ever happens again.

I’ll work hard every day so that fan’s hearts won’t be hurt anymore and become a more improved Mark.

I’m sorry once again.

– Mark