GOT7’s Youngjae Begs Sasaengs To Stop Texting Him Nonstop

Youngjae finally got fed up with the sasaengs harassing him!

No K-Pop idol can be completely free of “Sasaeng Fans (사생팬, extreme fans)” who will go great lengths to interact with both girl and boy groups alike. GOT7‘s Youngjae appears to be suffering from “sasaengs” himself based on his latest Instagram update.


He wrote, “Stop sending me Katalk messages, please. Stop. For five months… Please, please stopstopstopstopstopstoptstopstopstop.”

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“Katalk (카톡, Kakao Talk messenger app)” is a messaging application used nationwide, almost interchangeably with regular texts.


While the plea does not specify to whom it is addressed, fans have grown worried that it’s sasaeng fans who are harassing Youngjae. As Youngjae is described to be “kind and gentle” among his fans, they are deeply disturbed by the fact that Youngjae felt desperate enough to post this message. They have teamed up on Instagram and other social media platforms to warn such “sasaengs” to stop.

  • “Youngjae isn’t someone who like to express his emotions but there are times where he thinks he needs too especially when things have become serious & related to his privacy. So, please respect him & his privacy. If you love him please just stop.”

  • “Stop, he doesn’t like you harassing him. Stop now, stupid people.”

  • “This is not fan behavior TT The best way to be a fan is to be closer to the stage and further away from their lives. I hope they stop too.”

  • “YoungJae I’m so sorry about the trouble you are having with someone on Kakao Talk. I wish I knew how to stop them for you. I’m so sad they are being very disrespectful to you. It seems they are forgetting you are also a normal human being and that they need to respect your privacy. It makes me sad to know that they have bothered you to the point where you have had to write this post to try and get them to leave you alone.”


Youngjae soon uploaded another picture of Coco, his dog, mentioning that it has been so long since they spent time together.

Fans are wishing him a relaxing vacation, free of “sasaengs” and Kakao Talk messages.