GOT7’s Yugyeom Falls Head First On Stage, JYP Updates On His Health

JYP responded to the fans’ concerns.

During GOT7‘s Eyes On You tour, Yugyeom held a special solo stage where he dance gracefully with ease.


But during one of his turns, Yugyeom seemed to have slipped as he fell face first on the stage.


He seemed to be in pain as he took a couple seconds to get back up, but he returned to dancing just as a professional would.


At the end of the performance, he apologized to the fans for making a mistake. He reassured them that he was okay.

“I feel bad that I made a mistake while I was dancing. I wanted to show you a perfect performance. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do that.”

— Yugyeom


Despite his reassurance, fans were deeply concerned over the nasty fall.


JYP Entertainment responded to their concerns by reassuring them that Yugyeom is indeed alright and he wasn’t hurt too badly.

“Yugyeom fell during his performance but thankfully, he didn’t sustain any major injuries.

We understand that he will have no problems fulfilling the rest of his schedules.”

— JYP Entertainment


No matter, best wishes to Yugyeom and the safe completion of GOT7’s Eyes On You world tour!

Source: Newsen