Government Petition Calling for Attention to The East Light’s Child Abuse Case Surpasses 77,000 Signatures

The story has certainly gained much attention Korea, especially as the assaults are classified as child abuse.

Media Line Entertainment CEO & famous songwriter Kim Chang Hwan is under suspicion of verbally abusing company artists, The East Light. A company producer known as Moon Young Il or MONS, is under suspicion of physically assaulting the members as well.


The East Light‘s leader Seokcheol held a press conference yesterday, accompanied by his laywer, in regards to the abuse and assault the band endured.


He revealed that once his parents found the marks of abuse on his body, their parents approached the company and demanded an end to the inhumane treatment. Despite receiving promises that things would change, the assault continued — causing Seokcheol and Seunghyun to leave The East Light and take legal action.


The story has certainly gained much attention Korea, especially as the assaults are classified as child abuse.

“It’s only right that he is punished…you really have to push them until the end and punish them for them to get their mind right. What generation is this? The fear and stress those young children endured is so infuriating..”

“What is he doing with these kids? It makes me so angry…the assault was so severe;”

“This is child abuse. If it was for 4 years, they were middle schoolers then, does that make sense? Making them into celebirties was all an excuse for abuse! Stop threatening young kids and powerless parents with money and power and acknowledge your sins!!!!”

— Korean Netizens


A petition requesting the attention of the government for this case has reached over 77, 000 signatures, after only one day. It is currently the 9th most signed petition on the government page.


For any petition with over 200,000 signatures on the Blue House petition website, the government will release an official response or statement.


This is why Koreans have actively petitioned for this cause, hoping it helps bring justice to The East Light.



EDIT 22.10.2018 10:50AM KST:

Since this piece was published, the total number of signatories on the petition has increased to over 179,000—an increase of over 100,000 in just 24 hours!

Source: DongA