Grace Releases New Track “Zombie High” and Teases Upcoming Music Video

Rapper Grace has announced she will be celebrating the first anniversary of her official debut by releasing a brand new track for fans.

Grace released her epic new track “Zombie High” to mark 1 full year since her official debut. Her latest track follows on from the success of “Trick or Treat” last October. The new song showed the rapper will be continuing her dark, grunge rap concept.

Grace didn’t only treat fans by releasing the new track but also thanked listeners for their support by holding a competition to find the cover art for her latest single. The winning art was then featured in the video.

Grace gained popularity after appearing in Mnet‘s Unpretty Rapstar vol.3 before being eliminated in episode 8 – she placed seventh in the overall competition. Despite her short run in the popular reality show, Grace built a loyal fan base.

Grace also gained attention from fellow rappers, such as Cheetah (winner of Unpretty Rapstar vol.1), who claimed Grace caught her attention for her unique rapping style and outfits while appearing on the show.

Listen to Grace’s latest track celebrating her first year since her debut below.

Grace followed the release of the full track with a personal thank you video to her fans as she teased her upcoming music video for “Zombie High,” set to be released next week. The video also includes other artworks submitted by fans.

Take a look at Grace’s personal thank you as well as her fans’ amazing artwork below.