The 2022 GRAMMYs Go Purple-Themed With BTS In Attendance — Coincidence Or Borahaefication

The entire venue was purple.

The 2022GRAMMYs was absolutely epic. BTS was the only South Korean act to be invited to the shows. The boys do their homeland proud with an upgraded version of “Butter.”

Fans who tuned in to the show live couldn’t help but notice that the GRAMMYs had decided to go with a purple theme this year. At first, fans noted the purple flowers at BTS’s table and thought it could have been a coincidence. Or, the organizers had known that purple was BTS’s color and specially decorated their seats.

BTS posing at their table with Japanese Breakfast. | @poulani_dp/Twitter

But a wider look at the venue soon showed that the other tables were also adorned with purple flowers. Not only that, the entire arena was lit up with purple light.

BTS at the GRAMMYs. | @seokjinbit/Twitter

A coincidence, or the Borahaefication of the GRAMMYs? The GRAMMYs is a huge event that has been ongoing for years. Each year, many famous artists, celebrities, and personalities are in attendance. Would they have gone the mile to highlight BTS’s attendance? Even so, fans’ suspicions were raised when they noticed that the Best Pop Duo/Group category was moved to the main show for the first time in GRAMMY history. BTS’s seats were also front and center.

Some fans were outraged at the lack of awards given to BTS despite their nomination. ARMY claimed that the show used the fandom’s power to drive up publicity for the event.

No matter what, nothing can take away from BTS’s huge achievement. After all, their popularity worldwide cannot be contested. With HYBE already announcing the city of Las Vegas to receive Borahaefication previously, this can only be the impact BTS has on the world. Congratulations on the nomination and invitation, boys!