GRAY Encouraged Fans To Share Their “Thirst Tweets,” And The Results Are Exactly What You’d Expect

Let’s all just drink some water.🚰

Anytime you end up on Stan Twitter, you end up having to wade through the waters, and by waters, we actually mean thirst tweets. And, for most celebrities, they are the object of affection for many and, as a result, are also the recipient of quite a few thirst tweets (often unwarranted).

Jay Park | Buzzfeed

Rapper, singer, and record producer GRAY, however, more than welcomes the thirst tweets! He recently posted on Twitter that he was “in the mood” for some as he encouraged fans to hit him up with their best thirsty comments.

The majority of the replies were exactly what you would expect to get after such a provocative invitation as GRAY’s. Quickly, the comment section turned X-rated (don’t worry, we’re excluding the raciest of tweets from this article).

Hey, he can’t say he wasn’t warned… Right?

Yet, the soft stans’ reactions were also noticeable. In the end, the hilarious joke-fuelled replies ultimately outshone the thirsty.

And, of course, some were just in shock over the whole thing.

GRAY’s invitation for fans to post their thirst tweets has some of us wondering if he is preparing to appear on Buzzfeed‘s “Thirst Tweets” series. Previously, Buzzfeed has had Eric Nam, Jay Park, Jessi, Amber Liu, and Henry Lau, so we’re hoping GRAY will be next!

Source: @callmeGRAY/Twitter