Gray Revealed Jay Park Inspired Him To Start Working On His Physique And The Results Are Great

The pictures look amazing

Rapper and record producer Gray recently conducted a photoshoot and interview with W Korea where he showed off his fit build.

Clearly, Gray’s physique showed that he must have put in a lot of effort to gain those results, so, of course, W Korea had to ask Gray about how he felt showing off his body.

Isn’t it the first time you took a pictorial with clothes off?

Yes, this is my first time. Since I made my body, I wanted to take it (photos) properly, but since I had promised a photoshoot with ‘W Korea’ in the past, I wanted to save it until now.

— Gray

Along with work as a rapper and music producer at AOMG, Gray has a busy schedule, and working out could add to the workload. Luckily, Gray says he doesn’t mind it.

Are you having fun exercising lately?

I started in July 2019. It was around the time of the ‘Water Bomb Seoul Festival.’ When you get wet, your  body shape is revealed. That’s not necessarily the reason, but when I tried it, the exercise worked out well. The trainer is also a great person. After 3 times a week it was increased to 5 times a week. I’m determined to do it for the rest of my life.

— Gray

Lastly, the interviewer was curious to know what inspired Gray to start working out in the first place. If it wasn’t the Water Bomb Seoul Festival then what was it?

Who were you motivated by?

First of all, the company’s boss (Jay Park). I always thought he was really cool taking off his clothes while singing ‘Mommae’ at the end of the performance. I wondered how hard he must have worked to build that kind of body. I just thought it wasn’t for me yet. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to take off my clothes at the concerts, but I started with the desire to try it. As a result, I became greedy as I did it.

— Gray


It’s no secret Jay Park has an amazing body and it looks like it motivated Gray well as his results are amazing.

Source: W Korea