Greek TV Hostess Apologizes To BTS, EXO, and Wanna One Fans

They say they weren’t trying to be racist or homophobic.

Recently, the Greek TV program Eutixeite and its hosts became a hot topic amongst K-pop fans for their racist and homophobic comments towards male K-pop idols on live television.

Greek TV Hosts Bash Male K-Pop Idols’ Visuals With Homophobic Comments

While talking about TC Candler’s 100 Most Handsome Men In The World list, the hosts proceeded to say racist and homophobic comments towards EXO Sehun, Wanna One Kang Daniel, BTS V, and BTS Jungkook, who were all featured on the list.

Fans were outraged at the disrespect, and requested Katerina Kainourgiou, the hostess, for an apology.

On the 5th, Katerina Kaimourgiou posted the following English apology via her social media:

She also made a tribute to the artists on Eutixeite, acknowledging their status and artistic talent.

However, many fans are still enraged, even after Katerina’s apology and tribute.

Fans are saying that while it is true Katerina has gotten some unnecessarily vicious and threatening hate comments (as she mentions in her tribute), her apology was not proper or very sincere.

Netizens also expressed their displeasure:

  • Not being knowledgeable about K-pop idols is not an excuse to be racist and homophobic.
  • If you had said something like “they’re not my type,” none of this would have happened. You were way out of line with what you said.

Eutixeite’s tribute with English subs are available on this thread:

Source: Aju News