[★BREAKING] Grenade training exercise leaves 1 dead and 2 injured

An incident that occurred during a Korean military training exercise leaves one dead and two injured.

An incident occurred during a grenade training exercise performed by a new recruit that left one dead and two injured.

The incident occurred in the 50th infantry training camp that trains newly recruited soldiers daily on Thursday morning around 11:13 AM. The new recruit identified as Son (20) was in the process of being trained to throw a live grenade that was highly supervised by various drill sergeants. After pulling out the safety pin, he was in the position of throwing and calling out the verbal order “throw.” The grenade suddenly exploded behind his head which left sergeant first class identified as Kim critically injured. The 27 year old sergeant first class Kim later died during the surgery in order to remove all of the fragments that were scattered all over his body.

The new recruit Son is currently recovering after receiving surgery for his severed right wrist. The drill sergeant Park who was also at the scene about 4 feet away from the explosion was also treated for his light injuries.

The military police are currently investigating the incident to find out more details of the cause.

[ +1258 / -412] Tsk tsk this is why parents are not wanting to send their children to the military. I feel terrible for the injured ones. Well these incidents happen often in the military so the government will probably release other news to cover this up… How is the government going to repay for ruining young lives?

[ +505 / -13] Rest in peace.

[ +657 / -178] These incidents happen often to soldiers to risk their lives to protect this country. Kimchi bitches and female activists, don’t you all think we need to improve military treatments?

[ +397 / 15] Hul…. How….. Rest in peace…

[ +157 / -5] It isn’t that there are many accidents happening in the military but how military has become more open to the public which is leading to ordinary people finding out more about it. Grenade trainings were the scariest for me when I was in the army… I feel really bad..

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