I.O.I and J.Y. Park to collaborate for the group’s last comeback together

More news regarding girl group I.O.I‘s comeback has been released, making fans more eager for the month to turn October.

According to reports on September 22nd, I.O.I will be pairing up with J.Y. Park as the producer. This is especially exciting as he is known to have produced many hits for both himself and other artists including Wonder Girls and 2PM. It is further revealed that J.Y. Park had accepted the request from Jeon Somi, a JYP Entertainment trainee and I.O.I’s center, presenting the group with a track he has been preparing for a long time.

Currently, the girl group is in the middle of recording their new tracks for their last album. As I.O.I is only a temporary group before they return to their respective agencies to await their debut (if they haven’t already), this is a very highly anticipated album release.

I.O.I was assembled from the Top 11 female trainees of Mnet‘s Produce 101 as a result from the audience’s votes. Assembling trainees from various agencies, the group was set to promote as one for 10 months before disbanding.

They have since released the mini-album Chrysalis, debuting the track “Dream Girls,” and promoted the title track “Whatta Man” as a sub-unit.

Source: Xsportsnews