Group Photo of YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group Leaked

With anticipation high and little information regarding YG Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group , a leaked photo has fans suspecting the group may consist of four members.

Though only two members have been officially revealed, Jennie Kim and Lisa, the leaked group photo has fans suspecting that trainee Jisoo and Chaeyoung will also be joining them. There are various rumors regarding exactly how many members would be in YG Entertainment’s new girl group with numbers ranging from four to nine, though the group photo has fans thinking it will be four.

The group’s official name and group member  numbers have not been all confirmed with the agency only revealing one member at a time each week.

Their new girl group is scheduled to make their debut this summer after years of waiting.

Image: Leaked group photo of YG Entertainment's new girl group
Image: Leaked group photo of YG Entertainment’s new girl group / Jennie (1996), Jisoo (1995), Chaeyoung (1997), Lisa (1997)

Source: Instiz