“I Didn’t Know It Was Her” — NewJeans Hanni’s Stylists Under Fire For Her Look At The Gucci Cruise Show

Many were not satisfied with her look.

NewJeansHanni has been known for her visuals and refreshing, adorable looks since her debut. Her bangs and peachy smile have since become icons of her beauty!

With her appearance at Gucci‘s Cruise Show held in South Korea on May 16, 2023, she shocked the public with a transformation.

Not only were her bangs chopped even shorter, but they also exposed the sides of her temples, emphasizing her round face.

She wore beige-toned clothing in a more mature style.

Her makeup also seemed to have changed from her usual idol styling.

Netizens expressed their disappointment at her hair, makeup, and clothing. As Hanni is still young, they preferred a more bubbly and youthful look for her compared to the reserved beige dress suit. Some even claimed that “she was unrecognizable,” from her stage styling.

| theqoo
  • The hair… It emphasizes her flaws too much…
  • But the haircut overall is weird.
  • All of you guys who are judging her face and being racist are the ones who will get the most angry when someone says something about Koreans.
  • Huh? She looks like a different person.
  • The clothes are too bad… I can totally feel the void after Michele, who led Gucci to its peak, left the company.
  • Seems like she looks like that when the lighting is bad.
  • Which salon styled her…? Why is her hair like that?

With most of the criticism being directed at her stylists, netizens are disappointed that they were not able to help the young star shine at such a huge event.

Source: theqoo