Gucci Is Slammed By Korean Netizens For Its “Cruise Show” After-Party

“Are they insane?”

Korean netizens criticized Gucci for its open and loud after-party that disturbed neighbors long into the night.

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On May 16, Gucci held its Gucci Cruise Show at Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul.

The Gucci show | theqoo
The Gucci show | theqoo

Some of the brightest stars all across the world gathered under Seoul’s night sky to attend the show.

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Unfortunately, it seems not all were in the mood for the festivities,but when one netizen uploaded a clip exposing the show’s loud after-party that continued long into the night.

F@ck. I am really sorry for cursing, but I heard this is the after-party for Gucci’s fashion show. I think I am going to have a mental breakdown. Why are they blasting the music outside? There are people living here, and it is 11:30. How is this possible? Can’t they act like a luxury brand? I saw they were trending on Twitter, so I thought well of the show, but this is making it impossible.

— @roong30/Twitter

How do I report noise pollution? This picture was taken at 10x zoom, and the music is so f@cking loud, as if they have speakers outside. This isn’t a performance or a concert, and is the light coming into my room a laser?

— @roong30

Netizens criticized Gucci for being inconsiderate to the residents of the neighborhood. Netizens were particularly appalled as the show took place on Tuesday night.

  • “What are they (after-party) doing there? They should just crawl into a hotel or something.”
  • “Oh, wow. This would have been an inconvenience even if it was a weekend, but it is a weekday, and residents need to go to work tomorrow.”
  • “These ‘royals,’ who would have caused a fuss if this happened while they were resting, are partying late into the night because it is where simple citizens live.”
  • “I hate this…”
  • “They have no brains.”
  • “If it is that loud, wouldn’t attendees have hearing problems? Are they able to talk? Do they use sign language? They are causing such an inconvenience. Do they not have brains?”
  • “I really hate this…”
  • “This is such an inconvenience.”
  • “Are they insane? Seriously.”
  • “The fact that it’s that loud despite filming from that distance is crazy.”

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Source: theqoo