gugudan’s Hana Accidentally Leaked Another Member’s Phone Number And Begs Sasaeng Fans To Stop Harassing The Member

She apologized repeatedly for her mistake.

gugudan‘s Hana profusely apologized on live broadcast after leaking private information about a fellow member on a previous broadcast.


During her first live broadcast, she decided to call one of her members. However, she accidentally leaked the number when she subconsciously began saying and mouthing the number.


With the number leaked to the public, sasaeng fans began to bombard the member’s phone number and started spreading photos from the member’s private KakaoTalk profile.


Hana soon closed the broadcast and later returned with another video where she apologizes for leaking the number. She begged the sasaeng fans to stop.

Everyone… My head hurts. I got so stressed all of a sudden.

First, I contacted my agency and we decided not to upload the live broadcast as a video. I contacted the member and told her what happened, but I ask of you, please… Everyone… I ask of you.

I’m sorry. I ask of you please. I’m sorry.

— Hana


Hana’s accidental leak was supposed to be taken down from their live broadcast channel, but upon finding out that it was still up, she quickly ended the video so that she can discuss it with her agency.

The accidental leak has yet to be taken down as of now.