Gugudan Sejeong Reported to be Joining the Cast of School 2017

Gugudan Sejeong is the next actress reported to be joining the new season of the highly popular School, drama series.

An insider leak confirmed with the Korean media that Gugudan’s Sejeong was in talks with KBS to join School 2017. Earlier reports along with her agency also confirmed that Kim Yoojung was thinking about joining as well.

If Sejeong decides to join the cast of School 2017, this will be her first major acting role. Even though she has acted before in other productions, this role would be her big major debut.

Both School 2013 and Who Are You: School 2015 were very popular locally and abroad. Currently, School 2017‘s PD Park Jin Seok is overseeing auditions of young actors and actresses hoping to join the drama.

The drama is confirmed to be air in July.

Source: Ilgan Sports