Gugudan’s new song is composed by a male idol

An idol from the same agency as Gugudan has composed a song for Gugudan’s mini-album, “Narcissus.

Being from the same agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX‘s Ravi was sure to show his support for Gugudan in a way that went above and beyond.

According to an insider of Jellyfish Entertainment,

“One of Gugugdan‘s songs in their album is a gift from Ravi. He wrote the lyrics and composed the song himself. This was possible because of their loyalty to fellow agency groups. They are very supportive of each other.”

– Insider of Jellyfish Entertainment

Fans of both Gugudan and Ravi showed immense excitement and expressed that they were curious as to what genre Ravi’s composition for Gugudan would fall under. While some fans guessed it would be an upbeat and preppy song, others guessed it could be a sweet and mellow one.

Regardless, many fans are ecstatic to hear how Gugudan conveys Ravi’s composition in their own, unique way.

Gugudan’s Narcissus will be released February 28 at midnight.

Source: BEFF Report