Gummy admits to having thoughts of retiring as a singer

At a recent concert event, female soloist Gummy confessed the hard time she had faced in the past to her fans.

The singer held a concert on May 1st at Ehwa Womans University’s Samseong Hall, and revealed that she had almost quit her singing career, apologizing with tears, “I’m sorry that I even had such a thought.”

She revealed, “In the past when I debuted, there were times when it was hard to sing because of my vocal nodules. It happened so many times but not once did I ever thought of quitting being a singer.”

“But starting last year, I had thoughts like ‘Am I going in the right path?’ and ‘If there’s anything else that I can do better, should I try a different path?’ But today, after meeting with you all and performing on stage, I realized it was a bad thought and I feel bad that I had such a thought.”

Despite telling her fans prior that she would not cry, tears came down anyways. She continued, “After releasing this album and seeing everyone who came to see me during my guerrilla and street performances, I realized I should be grateful and thankful to everyone who came to see me. It is really thanks to you that I am performing today. In the end, I am energized from the people who get power from my music. I will put even more effort into my music.”

On April 17th, Gummy released her remake album Fall In Memory and has been holding street performances in Busan, Gwangju, and Seoul.

Source: Newsen