GWSN Announces Official Fanclub Name And Colors

GWSN fans finally have a name of their own.

Rookie girl group GWSN has finally revealed their official fanclub name and colors!


The announcement came on December 13, two months after the group debuted with their “Puzzle Moon” MV, back in September.


From here on, GWSN fans will officially be known as “Groo“, which means “stump” in Korean. The explanation for this name reads as follows: “You can always see trees in the park and can relax under them. So like trees, ‘Groo’ means ‘People who always support and stay with GWSN.’”


Like GWSN, the official colors are bright and beautiful. The colors of “love”, “nature”, “the universe”, and “pureness” will now be used to represent the group and their fans.


Fan responses to the news have been overwhelmingly positive. Groos couldn’t be happier with their sweet and meaningful name…


…and their aesthetically pleasing colors.


This announcement has brightened the days of Groos everywhere!