GWSN To Have Their Comeback As A Full Group Next Month

Soso is back from her health hiatus.

GWSN (also known as Girls In The Park) will be having a comeback with their full lineup next month.

The 7-member group have been promoting without a member since January 2020, when Soso went on a health hiatus due to a ruptured ankle ligament. Their last comeback was in April 2020 with their 4th mini album The Keys. 


Their company, The Wave Music (formerly Kiwi Media Group), announced earlier today that Soso has now returned from her hiatus and GWSN will be having a full group comeback on May 20.


To celebrate her return, Soso tweeted on the group’s official account greeting the fans and asking them to look forward to their comeback.

Hello, it’s Soso. Were you all shocked after seeing the news?? It’s been awhile, I really missed Groos. 😝 I’ve been able to rejoin my members in our activities. We’re practicing hard so look forward to it! Please look after us favorably.🤭❤️


Soso. | The Wave Music

This comeback will be the group’s 5th mini album since their debut in September 2018.

Source: Osen and Image