H1-KEY Unveils New Member HWISEO

“I will work hard to bring happiness to fans”

Newly debuted group H1-KEY has announced its new member.

On June 14, the group revealed concept photos of HWISEO for their upcoming single “Run.”

In the picture, the idol can be seen sporting blonde and blue hair.

HWISEO | Grandline Group
| Grandline Group

Fans welcomed the new member on Twitter. The member is joining the group amid the departure of Thai member Sitala.

In a Q&A, the idol greeted fans for the first time.

Hello. My name is HWISEO. I will work hard to bring happiness to fans, so please look over me fondly. Let’s make memories and stay healthy so we can see each other for a long time. Thank you.


Meanwhile, H1-KEY will be returning on July 6 with their new single, “Run.”

| Grandline Group
Source: Hankook Kyungjae